Tips For Dads When Prom Night Is Upon Them


Dads tend to dread prom night. Not because of the event itself, but because they have to send their daughters on dates with boys that they hardly know. What makes it even worse is that the boys are teenagers and their hormones are running wild.

It is the Dad’s job to scare the living daylights into the date so that he is the perfect gentleman. Most dads don’t have to deal with the struggle to find the right dress and then getting ready because the mom usually takes care of that. However, there are single dads out there that have to deal with everything to do with prom. They have to make sure that their daughters look beautiful and they have to make sure that the date is terrified enough to behave himself.
If you have come across this article, you are probably looking for some tips about how to deal with prom and making sure your daughter doesn’t miss out. You have done the right thing by searching for answers. Now, read on to get the answers to the questions.Dress

With the dress, the main thing to think about is that you don’t really know much about dresses and don’t try to take over. You will make a fool of yourself if you suggest something that is out of fashion. At the moment, vintages designs for dresses are very popular. If you go into a store and pick a modern dress, she might laugh at you, especially if her friends are around and she wants to look cool. Just sit back and let her look at dresses.

If you want to impress her, book an appointment at a local prom dress store and tell her that she can bring some friends. On the day, just drop her off and hang around if she has picked one out, and you can pay for it.
Just think of yourself as a giant credit card. If you do know about dresses, or you want to point something out that her mother might have worn, then do so. The trick is to seem interested as well as taking a back seat.


If you want to get involved, then you should ask her if there is anything that you should be sorting out. She might send you on an errand to get some hair accessories or to look for bags.

Now, if she does this, then you should stick to the instructions that she gives you. Don’t go getting your own ideas about changing the color or the style of the bag. If she has given you instructions, then there is a reason for these instructions. You might get lucky and she might just send you off in search of a limo or taxi service to book for the night. If she does this then you can take matters into your own hands. If she is a great kid, then she deserves to go to prom in style.

If the lad is new, then you are going to have to set some ground rules. He should be a gentleman and he should treat your daughter like a princess. Your daughter wants to feel beautiful and that starts with buying her the perfect dress and then making sure the date tells her that she looks amazing.