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Home improvement projects involve changing the layout, style and structure of a home. Therefore, selecting the right contractor is essential to the project’s success. Before hiring a contractor, do your research thoroughly and ask for referrals. Make sure to gather competitive bids to find the best fit. In addition, be careful of contractors who pressure you into hiring them right away.

Before hiring a contractor, be sure to look at their portfolios and credentials. Make sure they are accredited and licensed. While unlicensed companies make up the majority of the grey market, many are members of reputable associations or professional organizations. If you’re not sure about the license or certification of a particular contractor, make sure to check their insurance and references. There are also some aggregator websites that bundle home improvement services and work as an intermediary agency between customers and service providers.

In most cases, renovating a home is cheaper than remodeling it. It often involves updating basic features. In addition, the homeowner can usually expect a higher ROI on renovations than on remodeling. However, some homeowners don’t have the skills or knowledge to complete major renovation projects. Homeowners can save money by making minor improvements, such as replacing a leaking roof or fixing furnace problems.

Remodeling involves altering the design or functionality of a space. Some examples include tearing down a wall to add a bathroom or reconfiguring the layout of a kitchen. Other projects are more structural, such as turning a guest room into a home office. While remodelling is more expensive than renovation, the end result can be well worth the expense.